Happy Sewing Machine Home

I’ve been wanting a proper sewing cabinet for my sewing machine for several months now. On my many trips to the thrift stores over the last few months I’ve seen several cabinets, but most of them were out of my price range since they included sewing machines over 50 years old.

A few weeks ago I convinced Bear to go out Estate and yard selling with me. We pulled up to a sale and I started eying a cabinet with a sewing machine. The owner told us that it was free, and I immediately declared “I’ll take it!”

We loaded the cabinet into my Suburu and I left a happy yard seller. I also bought a gold frame at another sale and Bear picked up some free hoses. We spent 25 cents that Saturday.

The cabinet sat in the garage for a bit so that the “old” smell could air out. I then gave it a good clean with Goo-gone orange oil spray and bleach wipes. For now the sewing machine is just sitting in the closet. I did a little internet digging and found out the machine is probably from 1972. Unfortunately, it is missing it’s power cord so I’m unsure if it still works.

I had to rearrange my studio to make room for the cabinet.Bbut I was able to move the white cabinet into my giant adjacent closet.

I’m so happy now to have a proper home for my sewing machine. I think it might be time to sew a new cover for it, as the one on it now is the one my mom made 25 years ago.


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