New Studio Work

I  recently spent some time in my studio and I was so proud of what I was able to accomplish since I haven’t spent much time in there lately. And it was just in time too as I have tentatively agreed to do a show at Rejuvanest sometime in late July. I’m pretty busy this summer with craft fairs and wedding projects. But I really couldn’t not take the opportunity. I’ll post more details as they develop and keep updating the work I’m developing for the show.

I had Bear cut some wood for me to create on last summer and have had the stack sitting there ever since. I finally pulled out a few pieces and started moving paper bits around. The above piece came together rather quickly. I used a photo from the old photo album I recently found and traced letters left over from an intro to Graphic Design class. I got the usual rick rack on there and bits of scrap fabric. Now that it is all laid out I’d like to add some paint and then I can glue everything down.

I didn’t’ get as far on the above piece but it’s a good background start. I was playing with stitching paper scraps together with the sewing machine.

And the most spectacular accomplishment was that I FINALLY did a page in the journal that my best friend bought for me for christmas! I had forgotten how good it felt to just glue some scraps down and not worry about how it looked and then write and write and write.

I also wanted to share my latest thrift store find. I found this type case at the Goodwill for only $5.99. Score!


2 thoughts on “New Studio Work

  1. Danielle Bjorklund says:

    I love how you only paid $5.99 for that case at the goodwill store. I spent almost $20 on one for B’s own room for when he was a baby!!

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