Restyled Booth Display

I restyled my booth a bit after seeing all the creative booth displays at the Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market earlier this month. I wanted to create height and a little more dimension. I had my booth set up in the basement for about a weak before Crafty Ballyhoo, perfecting my display. I was really happy with the way it turned out and proud of how thrifty I was about to be with my display items.

CraftyBallhoo 2011

The only new items I purchased were the frame stands from Hobby Lobby. Everything else I had on hand or borrowed from my thirfted wedding supplies.

I used a circle paper punch to punch colored paper and dictionary pages that I sewed together in a string. I had tags originally purchased for my design portfolio that I had got in London at Paperchase. I printed out my messaging and glued the paper to the tags. I even used my washi tape and cover clothes pins as a quick way to add color and pattern.


2 thoughts on “Restyled Booth Display

  1. Nick Oba says:

    Looks lovely! Especially the suitcase. I was in the trade fair industry for a few years and can tell you straightaway that most folks – and businesses – overspend by far, with budgets far beyond what they could hope to recoup even factoring in branding, networking, etc. Being thrifty is tres important. Good luck with the fair.

    • lexisworks says:

      Thanks so much! The suitcase was actually a hand-me-down from my mom 10 years ago, one that she picked up at a thrift store herself. Runs in the family 🙂

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