I’ve created my entire life: making art at home, collecting paper for collages, and taking every art class I could in high school. When it came time to choose my college degree, I clearly wanted to peruse something art related. My mom had thought I had gotten enough art at home and wouldn’t need to pursue it in my collage career. But art was the only thing that ever challenged me, so I compromised and majored in Graphic Design at Minnesota State University, Moorhead (MSUM), with a minor in Mass Communications. In the confines of my collage bedroom, I satisfied my own creative hand urges with art journals filled with text, clippings and smears of paint. I fell in love with graphic design and left the “real” art to “artists.”

While working my day job, Lexisworks was born in 2008 as an outlet for personal creativity. I attended craft fairs selling reproductions of my layered collages and gained confidence in my work. After being laid of from two graphic design jobs, I knew the universe was trying to tell me something: I was meant to be an artist. In 2012, I bravely declared myself an artist for the first time and started pursuing my art career.

I’m a freelance graphic designer and artist working in my homemade studio in the Denver home I share with my husband, Bear, and our dog, Remi. I’m inspired daily by the ever-present Rocky Mountains and love any opportunity I can get out and explore.

When people ask where I’m from, I take a deep breath and recite: ”Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and now Colorado.” Alaska was merely a birthplace, while I consider Oregon to be where I “grew up.” Moving to the Midwest at 12, I spent my teenage years and early twenties bumping around the Midwest. By 17, I knew I wanted to move west again; but first I had to get through high school and the benefits of in-state college tuition. While attending MSUM, I met my husband, Bear. Lucky for me, he too had the itch to move west! After graduation, I lived abroad in London and traveled Europe; Bear moved to Denver, Colorado. Denver met my warmth and mountain requirements and I decided to call it home.



As an artist I feel that that I am preserving the memories of a simpler, more honest time. I’m in love with days gone by; a past that was full of pens not keyboards, a time I never existed in –a time of stillness.  I gather artifacts from personal journeys, thrift stores, estate sales and the outdoors.  Each piece that I work with has a story to tell. The textures and images from vintage pieces are infinitely more interesting than anything you can buy new.  Much like ourselves, each has its own grit, its own truth to be revealed.

I find much inspiration and solace in nature – I love the smell of the sun and the pine needles.  There’s something so simple and honest about exploring Mother Nature that connects me with my authentic self.  This allows me to bring out the raw, the honest and the truthful messages that I feel we can all relate too.  With each new piece I reveal an honest expression to be shared and a new story to be told.  The authenticity of the raw, natural state of the outdoors combined with the vintage bits and snippets brings my art to life and inspires me to create genuinely honest works to be explored.

Above all I desire kinship with my authentic self and seek to find her whenever I can.  I hope you join me sometime on a journey of self-discovery into the universal truths that unite us all.





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