Inspiring Quote Collage Workshop

Currently nothing is scheduled, please check back soon!

What have you imagined for yourself? Is there a quote that resonates in your heart as a reminder? Please join me as I guide you through creating a mixed media collage featuring your quote and paper inspiration from your own authentic life. You will create an original 8×10 piece of art to display in your house as a reminder of your creativity and goals.

WillowWorkshopWhat to bring:

1. A favorite quote. You will each create your own original collage featuring your chosen quote. Try to choose something with a focus word. We will be using vinyl letters for your focus word and a typewriter to write the rest of the text.

2. Scissors

3. A selection of paper scraps such as: security envelopes, maps, stamps, receipts, tickets, cards, labels, notes, tags, catalogs, old books, scrapbook paper. If you’d like to include photos, please photocopy them as the slick paper won’t work very well for this project.

4. (optional) Small 3D objects can add a final touch to your collage. Think buttons, scrapbook embellishments, keys and tokens.

5. (optional)  A smock. We will be painting so make sure to at least wear something you’re comfortable with getting paint on, just in case.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of paper scraps. additional papers will be available for you to work with. However, part of what makes collage so much fun and unique is your own personal collection of paper.


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