The Challenge of Painting My Own Nursery


It turns out, myself and my husband are the worst clients for mural projects.

I am my own worst client because, in theory, I can create anything. This opens up so many options. It’s so much easier when a client comes to me with their idea. My husband makes a terrible client because while he appreciates the work I do, he also doesn’t totally get it. He likes things simple. Everything I showed him had “too much going on.” I had to explain that because I was going to be painting white on a large pale gray wall, there needed to be lots of lines in order for it to make any impact. He had a hard time looking at a mini black and white drawing and seeing how it could look on the wall.

NurseryI knew that I wanted to paint something with an outdoor theme in our nursery. This at least helped narrow things down a bit. But then I spent months debating about which wall I wanted to paint. All the while thinking I didn’t want to be painting when I was too big. I did work on some small sketches, featuring motifs that I was interested in working with. It wasn’t until we had all of our furniture that I was able to make a decision about which wall to paint.

Bear really liked the trees on a father’s day card that I had given him and I really liked the mountain scape I had previously created for a Make My Notebook collaboration. Using these two as inspiration, I set to work creating a mountain landscape.Nursery2As I began to finalize the sketch, I got out my pencil and eraser to make sure I had everything placed where I wanted it to be. Finally, Bear agreed to a sketch that I showed him. Or perhaps I had worn him down.

Nursery4I usually paint very intuitively on my murals, but this one ended up being more planned out. Maybe that’s because it’s actually very much in my nature to plan things. And because this was to be in my own home, the planner in me came out.

Since I was painting 7 months pregnant, it helped to be painting in my own home, where I could take my time. I painted for as long as I was comfortable and stopped. Sitting on the yoga ball and only having to paint the lower part of the wall helped as wellNursery3

Since completing this mural, I’ve found myself exploring this same mountain motif in my other work. It’s always fun to see how one project can inform others.

Art Maker’s Denver with Jessica Swift, 1 Year Later


I’m a bit delayed in sharing these photos. Almost a year in fact! But as this year’s Art Maker’s Denver approaches, I was reminded of my time in class last Fall. I took Jessica’s Swift‘s stamp making class. It had been a dream of mine to take a class with Jessica and I was thrilled to find out she’d be teaching in Denver.

I particularly enjoyed watching her demonstrate and create in front of us. As she worked, I could clearly see, “that’s a Jessica Swift painting!” It’s so fantastic when an artist’s style can be seen from the very beginning.  ArtMakers

We learned how to turn our drawings into carved stamps and then create lush backgrounds with layers of paint and stamping.

ArtMakers2I didn’t create any finished paintings in class that day, but I went home with several started paintings. Of the 3 backgrounds I started, almost a year later, I’ve only finished one of them. I’ve become a bit attached to the wolf. A totally different animal to show up in my painting, but appeared because of a spirit animal card I pulled in class.


The one painting I finished, I actually completed not long after class. And really in the end, there is barely any trace of the work I did in class. Initially, the painting had a Tahiti feeling to it. But I didn’t like the temple I had created, so I quickly brushed paint over it to wipe it away.WaitingForMyShipToSailI was left with what looked like the sea, so I worked with that and started painting things in. I posted an in progress photo on Instagram and a client of mine loved it so much she wanted to claim it for her daughter’s room. I asked how I could finish it for her, offering a fabric border or the addition of text. I loved her suggestion of outlining the images in white and adding my doodling drawing.

WaitingForMyShipToSail2 WaitingForMyShipToSail3

Easy Nursery Collage Wall

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.00.49 PM

As we get closer for baby to arrive, I’ve had the urge to make some progress in actually getting things set up in the room. There are a few projects that will wait until after baby arrives, when we know if we have a boy or a girl. This includes choosing a rug and sewing a curtain for the closet.

In preparation for decorating our nursery, I’ve collected items from around our home that I thought would work well in a baby room. Some items were created by myself, both recently and in childhood.  The rest of the items were created by others or collected over the years. I didn’t feel like I needed to go out and purchase specific nursery art, nor did I want something overly childish. After all, my tastes are what will matter most for awhile. Once baby starts to grow and have preferences, I can change things up.

I read a tip recently to trace your frames on to newspaper and cut the shapes out and arrange it on the wall. It’s an easy way to get the right arrangement and spacing.  I used my leftover sketches from my winter mural project and cut my paper to size. I had actually arranged my items on the floor, so I just looked at my arrangement on the floor and tapped up the corresponding shape. IMG_5149It was easy to then measure the backs of the art and mark directly on the paper where the nail needed to be placed. I hammered the nail right into the paper and pulled the paper off once the nail was in. This left me with a clean wall and exact nails!IMG_5174This is definitely a technique I’d use again for creating the perfect collage wall.

When creating your own collage wall, choose a variety of shapes and sizes, making sure to have 1 or 2 large focal items. Get creative on what you’d hang on the wall!  See below to find out where everything on this wall came from.

NurseryCollageWall1. Self Portrait, 1989, framed by my mom for me in high school // 2. Artwork by Robyn P. Thayer // 3. My Handprint, 1989 // 4. Be The Breath Plaque // 5. Light Switch Plate from Bear’s Childhood Room // 6. Vintage fabric in Embroidery Hoop, borrowed from my studio // 7. Vintage Yarn Art Alphabet, purchased several years ago // 8. Lion, 2014, Lexisworks // 9. Two Deer, 2013, Lexisworks // 10. Fabric Tree Art, traded at a craft market several years ago // 11. Wood Bear, baby shower gift created by Bear’s uncle.


Quietly Growing a Baby Belly

Since January, I have been quietly growing a baby belly. I haven’t been one to announce immediately that we were expecting or share every photograph taken. Our journey to pregnancy has been a long one, full challenges and tears. When we found out we were pregnant in January, we shared the news with our family, but kept this very special miracle to ourselves. We wanted to savor every minute and keep it for ourselves.

As our second trimester began, I was happy (and more confident) to share with friends in person. But I didn’t want to share it with the world via social media, in fact it took me until 24 weeks to finally share with my Lexisworks Facebook fans that our baby was on the way. It was 28 weeks before I shared the news on my personal Facebook page.

There are still days that I find it unbelievable that we are indeed pregnant and that come the end of September, we will meet this baby that we have waited for so long. I know we will be different parents because of this journey. I also know that while I would not choose the heartache that came with this, I see how it has prepared and changed us for the better.

Now that we are in our third trimester, with less than 12 weeks to go, I think about how different these last few weeks feel compared to those first 12 weeks. Baby is very active, there is no wondering about what is happening in there. There is still worry, of course ( I’m told THAT will never go away.) But I try to remember that I am completely taken care of and to let go of that worry. It does not serve me. Instead I think about meeting our baby and what he/she will look like and how amazing it will be to hold that tiny baby.

Over the last 28 weeks, we have documented my growing belly so we can remember this very special time. Since that first 12 week photo, we’ve taken photographs every 2 weeks. Now as we begin our third trimester, I’m curious to see how much bigger I grow!Lexis

Children’s Dentist Office Waiting Room

This winter I was contacted by a friend to cover the walls of their children’s waiting room at their new dentist office in Fargo, ND. She had been inspired by the holiday doodle backdrop I had done for a recent photo shoot. For the dentist office, she wanted something similar in black and white, but with a dental theme.

She provided me with a few inspiration photos, showing particular interested in the paisley pattern.

DentistMuralI used the provided images as a starting point and began doodling teeth, brushes and tubes of tooth paste. It felt very awkward at first, drawing these foreign objects. In the beginning it was a struggle to make them cute and fun.

The final space included 2 different walls. The first was a large wall to be covered entirely in illustration, with a TV low on the wall. The second wall was a magnetic white board to be used as a “No Cavity Club” board, where kids could put their names. This wall also included a maze and play area.

I presented my first sketch for review and we worked through changes from there. The tooth “tooth” fairy was a no go and we focused more on the paisley, full doodle look.

DentistMural10After the first review, I started to find a style for the dental themed images and began filling in the background with fun shapes, including variations on the paisley.DentistMural2

Another set of sketches was presented and quickly approved! I continued to practice the shapes that I would be painting, so that when it came time to paint, it would just flow.DentistMural3 DentistMural4


I flew to Fargo, ND in May to paint the walls of the in progress dentist office. To begin, I used yellow chalk to draw out the main items: teeth, brush, letter bubbles and tooth paste. Next, I painted over all my chalk lines and then began filling in the space around the large illustrations.


Once complete, I had a wall of fun dental themed inspired doodles. My sketch provided a basic frame work from which to work, but the actual placement of everything happened right when I painted.DentistMural6

For the activity wall, I used vinyl lettering for the “No Cavity Club” to ensure consistant letters. I worked with the magnetic toys provided to create a fun maze and tic-tac-toe for the kids to engage with.
DentistMural7Sometimes it can be a struggle to start a project that, initially, I’m not excited about. But I love how working through the process and watching my work and style evolve can transform the way I feel about a project. I’m thrilled with the final painting, as is the client. I just wish I could sit in the room and hear what the kids say when they see it!



Sleep Under The Stars

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.11.53 AM I actually started this piece with an intention: to create a piece of art for a boy’s room. This small sketch was the beginning. I almost never start off with a plan when I create, and if I do, it usually evolves quite a bit.Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.04.34 AM

I started with basic color areas, nothing very pretty. In fact a color palette that felt quite foreign and boring to me.IMG_4502I worked on darkening the whole piece to feel like night, defining the mountain-scape and drawing and painting in my trees. This was the point that I left my artwork at a friend’s for 2 months and wasn’t able to move forward. That’s usually part of the process, but it’s generally called “being stuck.”

The sky and mountains were particularly dark and needed some light and definition. I layered acrylic, fluid acrylics and watercolor to create the right texture.

SleepUnderStars_progressWhen I outlined everything in white, I became really excited about the piece. I felt like it was going where I wanted it to.

And then one of my favorite parts of the process began: choosing the bits and rearranging to finish. I cut out a template for the teepee and found I liked the kraft paper as it was. I pulled out my scrabble letters and rick rack and strung the text in the night sky. I tried fabric on the bottom, but decided it was too cute. My husband suggested adding a fire.
SleepUnderStars_studioI think this piece really hits the sweet spot in terms of balancing my strengths as an artist. It combines my loose intuitive backgrounds, with my detailed illustration  and thoughtful collage.

Now available for sale on Etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.10.58 AM

There is an Over Abundance

I started this piece back in July, while painting at my friend Cara’s. I was experimenting with a slightly different palette and trying to play without thinking too much. I really liked what was happening. But I knew that it was not finished. Like so many of my paintings, I just didn’t know what needed to happen next: I was afraid of ruining my own painting.


Finally, I was able to make some progress. I got out my oil pastels from high school and started coloring in the circles and adding more of my winged circle shapes. Off and on for weeks, I just made small movements within this painting with the oil pastels.

It wasn’t until yesterday, after a massage with my favorite massage therapist, that I had the inspiration to complete this painting. My body felt energized and all of the heavy energy I had been carrying was gone. I felt light. I didn’t realize I had the inspiration when I began to tinker, I just knew that I needed to be in my studio creating.

After altering the pallet and bringing in pink to the circles, I needed to add more pink. Finally deciding on an orientation, I used magenta fluid acrylic to ground the bottom of the painting.


I have a hard time leaving paintings without text. They feel unfinished to me. This painting felt too busy to add text so I made a very bold move and covered the entire thing with more paint! Initially, this was a hard decision to make. I liked the winged circles, but since I knew the painting wasn’t finished and I had taken a photograph, I needed to move forward.

The slight arc of the circles on the bottom, made me think of a globe with sun rays, so I went with it and painted yellow over the top and purple across the bottom. Next, I etched into the yellow paint. I really love this technique of etching into my painting and letting the previous layer show through a bit. It so reminds of the scratch boards I used to draw on as a kid. All the previous layers are present in this painting, they build depth. Sort of the way every moment of our lives leads us today. There are no wasted moments.


My massage therapist and I talked a lot about energy during my appointment and what she had said stuck with me. “There is an over abundance of everything.” We often don’t ask for what we need because it feels selfish. We feel If we ask for ourselves, then we are taking from others. This is not the case.

OverAbudance4I don’t love (or trust) my own hand writing enough to use it, so I used my graphic design skills and laid out the text on the computer.  I printed it out and used tracing paper to trace my design onto the painting. I filled in the text with my new white acrylic pen and then painted in the word abundance by hand.

And I love how this turned out. I love the message. Both of them. The message that is written across this art, as well as the reminder that we must move forward, make bold moves to create the lives we want. That no moment is wasted, it all leads you to today.