Show + Tell: John Rombola

I was at a new discount book shop the other day and saw the book John Rombola: Eclectic Eccentric propped on a shelf.

I had never heard of this artist, but the cover was intriguing enough for me to flip through the pages. The illustration style reminded me of Picasso’s line drawings. It was then I realized Rombola wasn’t a new artist, but had been around for quite awhile.

Rombola’s work has recently been rediscovered by a new generation of design and illustration lovers. He began his career illustrating for magazines such as LifeHoliday, and Town & Country. Eclectic Eccentric is the first-ever comprehensive monograph of his work, which features lively and often funny illustrations. These drawings reveal the style of an eccentric artist who moves to his own, whimsical rhythm. Rombola works primarily in gouache and ink on paper; his art is in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

In 2010, Rombola’s work was used to create the color and whimsical backdrop for a window display for Bergdorf Goodman.

There isn’t a lot of information online about Rombola, so the best bet for seeing more of his inspiring illustrations would be to pick up his book. Something I’ve been thinking about doing since I saw his book last week.

Show + Tell: Thomas Campbell

I read about artist Thomas Campbell over on the Decor8 blog. Campbell is an internationally celebrated artist with roots in skateboarding. And his artwork definitely falls into the immediate gut “love it” feeling I get when I see new art.

Campbell’s work is so bright and colorful, and full of texture. I was really intrigued by the scrapes of paper sewn together, which reminded me of the sewing paper artwork I found on flickr by gypsy999. It reminded me that sewing paper was a technique that I have been wanting to try for awhile, but mostly been too lazy to get the sewing machine out and try.

I absoluetly love seeing images of other artists studios and wonder if I’m keeping mine too clean. Campbell’s studio is messy and full of his art which I love! I find his space really inspiring and strive myself to become a more prolific artist.

An interview by SLAP skateboard magazine is available to learn more about the artist.

Show & Tell: Lollipop Pottery

Artisan Center in Denver’s Cherry Creek is always a fun shop to browse through. On my last visit I saw mugs by Lollipop Pottery and I made a note to look up the company.

I thought the bird and cage illustrations were so adorable! I could easily see these mugs quickly becoming a favorite in my house if I owned one. There really is nothing better then drinking a hot beverage out of a favorite mug!

Lollipop Pottery was created by duo Jessica and Tyson Geib. “They spend each day happily working together, utilizing their different and complimentary talents in an effort to make pots that are hopefully different from and complimentary to the objects you use and enjoy on a daily basis.” Doesn’t that sound like a nice existence!

In addition to mugs, Lollipop Pottery makes vases, dishes and vessels. Each piece is thrown on the potters wheel using a porcelain clay body and then painted with homemade underglazes and decals. When the piece is complete, it has gone through a total of three firing cycles.

Find out where to purchase Lollipop Pottery in your area.

Show & Tell: Mati Rose McDonough

I first saw Mati Rose McDonough‘s work in Cloth Paper Scissor in 2008 when she was painting elephants and birds.

You can see here that Mati has created the trunks for this Elephant Stampede from of the edges of doilies.

This Tutti Bird is a great example of how Mati pieces here backgrounds together from found bits of paper.

More recently, I have been regularly following her blog and have been inspired by her new Treasure Seeker, which has gotten me seriously amped to paint. I feel like creating these paintings was definitely a messy, thrilling process, something I sometimes struggle with. I don’t like to get dirty; but the dirtier I get, the better the art. I’m loving her teals and blues with accents of pink, orange, red and found papers tucked throughout.

With Mati’s new paintings, she is hoping to ” evoke a sense of wonder, jewels, sun and sea and fill you up to help preserve your treasures.” These paints are so hopeful and bright, I feel like I could just sail off into the sunset. The papers and paint blend seamlessly in all of these paintings, creating a sort of deep ocean experience.

The photo above and below are two of my favorite because Mati has done an excellent job at showcasing her artwork in a real setting. Not only do I love the composition of all 3 pieces of artwork, but the photos make me want to find a jewelry rack to hang my own  jewelry.

In addition to her paintings, Mati has created art for commercial purposes as well. Her iPOP magnets feature her colorful, whimsical animals. And she recently did at-shirt design for Patagonia.

If you would like a piece of Mati’s joyfull art, she offers her originals and prints for sale at her etsy shop Suspect Shoppe

Show + Tell: David Weidman

I found the work of David Weidman the winter of 2009 while I was unemployed searching for images of birds to draw.

This past summer his work found me again on the blog of Jenn Ski. Her post featured pillows with his designs available at Urban Outfitters.

Even though most of his work is over 40 years old, his Mid-Century Modern style appeals to today’s consumers. The 500 items Urban Outfitters initially offered sold out in 48 hours!

David Weidman, now 89, began his career in the 1950’s as an animation background artist. He became a prominent artist in the advertising and animation studios. Soon he was out on his own experimenting with silk screen printing. His gallery and frame shop on La Cienega Boulevard showcased his serigraphs and posters which featured his unique style and use of saturated color fields. Unfortunately, his artwork wasn’t as much of a success as his frames. It wasn’t until recently that his artwork has gotten the attention it deserves and is now a style that is instantly recognizable.

The Whimsical Work of David Weidman is a compilation of  almost three decades of David’s illustrations, cartoons, serigraphs, lithographs and posters. His art evokes a vintage modern style that still resonates with contemporary designers.

Show + Tell: Future Art for My House

I absolutely love when I find new artists to be inspired by and excited about. It has been months since I’ve done a Show + Tell and I thought sharing the art that I wanted to put in my home was a great way to bring this feature back.

Last month I discovered the art of Lisa Wharton, a local Denver artist, at Kismet‘s one year anniversary celebration. (Kismet is located across the street from Rejuvanest.)

I instantly loved the birds and bright colors Lisa screen printed onto wooden boards. I immediately thought that when I had more of the house finished, I would love to pick out a piece to put in my home.

The problem really is deciding on which one! I know the colors in the above piece would go great with my studio. For now it is my desktop background.

And the colors here would work in my dining room. To see more of Lisa’s work or to buy art for your own home, go here.


Just yesterday I found the art of Erin Lang Norris, a Wisconsin artist, while blog surfing. She also works on wooden panels.

I was attracted to her use of book pages, similar to my own use of them, her spindly pine trees and celebration flags.

Erin also makes key racks. I have started seeing these pop up at shops around town. They really are a great way to make art functional.

Purchase Erin’s wooden wall art here.


Recently a friend gave me the postcard below, saying it made her think of me. I had actually seen the work of this artist before and was delighted to be reminded of Washington based artist Cori Dantini.

Cori’s “thoughtful artwork for sentimental folk,” features darling illustrations, found papers and punches of color.

I would have to say the above is one my absolute favorites because it really incorporates all my favorite characteristics of Cori’s work: found papers, line drawings in the background, a thick white outline around the figure, flowers and birds.

To purchase Cori’s art, check out her etsy site.

Show + Tell: Valentina Ramos

It has been awhile since the last Show + Tell post and I am excited to present Valentina Ramos, a Venezuelan artist based in Miami. A graphic designer by trade, she has turned to illustration after 15 years in the design world.  I found her work featured on the Print + Pattern blog several weeks ago and I was inspired by her intricate drawing style.

She creates prints, paintings and drawings which are available for sale on her etsy site.


For months this was the background on my computer at home. To me it was a random illustration I had found and liked. In my research for this post, I found that it belonged to Valentina and was happy to put two and two together.

Personalized Cute Elephant

Close up of Sunshine

Looking at Valentina’s art up close reveals her beautiful line work. The black ink that she enjoys so much in prevalent through much of her art. Her illustrations remind me of an adult coloring book and I am wanting to color in all her lines and shapes. I could imagine Valentina has a lot of fun creating these pieces. I really get lost looking at her artwork, my eye continues to wonder and never gets lost.

Cute Little Fishes

The lines and bubbles create a whimsical water effect in this underwater fish world print. Seeing such intricate work always makes me wonder if the final piece was the first attempt or if there were many sketches and drawings done beforehand to work out how all the lines will fit together.

In addition to her prints paintings and drawings available on her etsy site, Valentina’s art can be seen on other everyday items. Below are the iphone and itouch cases available through Uncommon

Just the other day I was asked if my own artwork was available in fabric form. Unfortunately, at this point it is not, but I am hoping that one day my own artwork will be translated to fabric. Valentina used Spoonflower to create these pillows. Wouldn’t these brighten up any room?

Follow Valentina’s newest creations on her blog and maybe after browsing through just a few of Valentina’s art pieces, you’ll be jonesing for your own black pen.