The Challenge of Painting My Own Nursery


It turns out, myself and my husband are the worst clients for mural projects.

I am my own worst client because, in theory, I can create anything. This opens up so many options. It’s so much easier when a client comes to me with their idea. My husband makes a terrible client because while he appreciates the work I do, he also doesn’t totally get it. He likes things simple. Everything I showed him had “too much going on.” I had to explain that because I was going to be painting white on a large pale gray wall, there needed to be lots of lines in order for it to make any impact. He had a hard time looking at a mini black and white drawing and seeing how it could look on the wall.

NurseryI knew that I wanted to paint something with an outdoor theme in our nursery. This at least helped narrow things down a bit. But then I spent months debating about which wall I wanted to paint. All the while thinking I didn’t want to be painting when I was too big. I did work on some small sketches, featuring motifs that I was interested in working with. It wasn’t until we had all of our furniture that I was able to make a decision about which wall to paint.

Bear really liked the trees on a father’s day card that I had given him and I really liked the mountain scape I had previously created for a Make My Notebook collaboration. Using these two as inspiration, I set to work creating a mountain landscape.Nursery2As I began to finalize the sketch, I got out my pencil and eraser to make sure I had everything placed where I wanted it to be. Finally, Bear agreed to a sketch that I showed him. Or perhaps I had worn him down.

Nursery4I usually paint very intuitively on my murals, but this one ended up being more planned out. Maybe that’s because it’s actually very much in my nature to plan things. And because this was to be in my own home, the planner in me came out.

Since I was painting 7 months pregnant, it helped to be painting in my own home, where I could take my time. I painted for as long as I was comfortable and stopped. Sitting on the yoga ball and only having to paint the lower part of the wall helped as wellNursery3

Since completing this mural, I’ve found myself exploring this same mountain motif in my other work. It’s always fun to see how one project can inform others.



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