Art Maker’s Denver with Jessica Swift, 1 Year Later


I’m a bit delayed in sharing these photos. Almost a year in fact! But as this year’s Art Maker’s Denver approaches, I was reminded of my time in class last Fall. I took Jessica’s Swift‘s stamp making class. It had been a dream of mine to take a class with Jessica and I was thrilled to find out she’d be teaching in Denver.

I particularly enjoyed watching her demonstrate and create in front of us. As she worked, I could clearly see, “that’s a Jessica Swift painting!” It’s so fantastic when an artist’s style can be seen from the very beginning.  ArtMakers

We learned how to turn our drawings into carved stamps and then create lush backgrounds with layers of paint and stamping.

ArtMakers2I didn’t create any finished paintings in class that day, but I went home with several started paintings. Of the 3 backgrounds I started, almost a year later, I’ve only finished one of them. I’ve become a bit attached to the wolf. A totally different animal to show up in my painting, but appeared because of a spirit animal card I pulled in class.


The one painting I finished, I actually completed not long after class. And really in the end, there is barely any trace of the work I did in class. Initially, the painting had a Tahiti feeling to it. But I didn’t like the temple I had created, so I quickly brushed paint over it to wipe it away.WaitingForMyShipToSailI was left with what looked like the sea, so I worked with that and started painting things in. I posted an in progress photo on Instagram and a client of mine loved it so much she wanted to claim it for her daughter’s room. I asked how I could finish it for her, offering a fabric border or the addition of text. I loved her suggestion of outlining the images in white and adding my doodling drawing.

WaitingForMyShipToSail2 WaitingForMyShipToSail3


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