Easy Nursery Collage Wall

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As we get closer for baby to arrive, I’ve had the urge to make some progress in actually getting things set up in the room. There are a few projects that will wait until after baby arrives, when we know if we have a boy or a girl. This includes choosing a rug and sewing a curtain for the closet.

In preparation for decorating our nursery, I’ve collected items from around our home that I thought would work well in a baby room. Some items were created by myself, both recently and in childhood.  The rest of the items were created by others or collected over the years. I didn’t feel like I needed to go out and purchase specific nursery art, nor did I want something overly childish. After all, my tastes are what will matter most for awhile. Once baby starts to grow and have preferences, I can change things up.

I read a tip recently to trace your frames on to newspaper and cut the shapes out and arrange it on the wall. It’s an easy way to get the right arrangement and spacing.  I used my leftover sketches from my winter mural project and cut my paper to size. I had actually arranged my items on the floor, so I just looked at my arrangement on the floor and tapped up the corresponding shape. IMG_5149It was easy to then measure the backs of the art and mark directly on the paper where the nail needed to be placed. I hammered the nail right into the paper and pulled the paper off once the nail was in. This left me with a clean wall and exact nails!IMG_5174This is definitely a technique I’d use again for creating the perfect collage wall.

When creating your own collage wall, choose a variety of shapes and sizes, making sure to have 1 or 2 large focal items. Get creative on what you’d hang on the wall!  See below to find out where everything on this wall came from.

NurseryCollageWall1. Self Portrait, 1989, framed by my mom for me in high school // 2. Artwork by Robyn P. Thayer // 3. My Handprint, 1989 // 4. Be The Breath Plaque // 5. Light Switch Plate from Bear’s Childhood Room // 6. Vintage fabric in Embroidery Hoop, borrowed from my studio // 7. Vintage Yarn Art Alphabet, purchased several years ago // 8. Lion, 2014, Lexisworks // 9. Two Deer, 2013, Lexisworks // 10. Fabric Tree Art, traded at a craft market several years ago // 11. Wood Bear, baby shower gift created by Bear’s uncle.



2 thoughts on “Easy Nursery Collage Wall

  1. Diane Puderbaugh says:

    Hi Lexis, I noticed the hand print in your baby room wall collage and wondered if you made that here with me? I’ve been making some just like that for many years. You and your husband must be having a grand time awaiting the arrival of this little one!

    • Lexisworks says:

      Diane, you are correct! I did make that with you! I made one for my dad and one for my mom. When my dad passed away in collage, I got a box of everything I had every made him, and that was in there. My mom still has her’s, though it has a crack in it. I think I even did the self portrait with you as well. We are so excited for this baby and I’ve had fun adding things from both of our childhood’s to the room.

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