Quietly Growing a Baby Belly

Since January, I have been quietly growing a baby belly. I haven’t been one to announce immediately that we were expecting or share every photograph taken. Our journey to pregnancy has been a long one, full challenges and tears. When we found out we were pregnant in January, we shared the news with our family, but kept this very special miracle to ourselves. We wanted to savor every minute and keep it for ourselves.

As our second trimester began, I was happy (and more confident) to share with friends in person. But I didn’t want to share it with the world via social media, in fact it took me until 24 weeks to finally share with my Lexisworks Facebook fans that our baby was on the way. It was 28 weeks before I shared the news on my personal Facebook page.

There are still days that I find it unbelievable that we are indeed pregnant and that come the end of September, we will meet this baby that we have waited for so long. I know we will be different parents because of this journey. I also know that while I would not choose the heartache that came with this, I see how it has prepared and changed us for the better.

Now that we are in our third trimester, with less than 12 weeks to go, I think about how different these last few weeks feel compared to those first 12 weeks. Baby is very active, there is no wondering about what is happening in there. There is still worry, of course ( I’m told THAT will never go away.) But I try to remember that I am completely taken care of and to let go of that worry. It does not serve me. Instead I think about meeting our baby and what he/she will look like and how amazing it will be to hold that tiny baby.

Over the last 28 weeks, we have documented my growing belly so we can remember this very special time. Since that first 12 week photo, we’ve taken photographs every 2 weeks. Now as we begin our third trimester, I’m curious to see how much bigger I grow!Lexis


2 thoughts on “Quietly Growing a Baby Belly

  1. Lizzie Mara says:

    Happy tears streaming down my face today as I read this. I am so thrilled for you & love these photos!


    Lizzie Mara

    Executive Image & Branding Consultant 303-733-7144

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