Yoga Prayer Progression

Lexisworks_YogaPrayer7This piece began as far back as winter, and looks nothing like it’s original form. It started when I was inspired by the graphics of the 2014 Winter Olympics. I began cutting patterned paper in geometric shapes and arranging them.


I really loved the diamond shapes and the pink and purple color palette. It was a fun departure from the blues and greens that I had been using. In addition to the diamonds, I glued on some vintage embroidery transfers and a doily. And then I started painting and using my bubble wrap stamping.

I liked where it was at, but I didn’t know where it was going so it sat for awhile. As usual. So I made a bold move, and painted over just about everything. And I HATED it.Lexisworks_YogaPrayer2 I had lost everything that I loved about the previous layer. The only thing left that I liked was the texture of the doily. So I continued painting. Now the diamonds had completely lost their existing pattern, but at least the paper itself was creating texture. I drew my flower vine that has been appearing on other work just for something familiar.Lexisworks_YogaPrayer3


I thought maybe collage was the answer, so I glued a vintage envelope from a hotel in Paris. This was some time in May. It sat for a long time again because now I had put this nice vintage element on top and I didn’t want to “ruin” it the way I had everything underneath.Lexisworks_YogaPrayer4 Finally the day came for me to make a move again. I covered a lot of the painting with paint again, but this time not as densely. It unified the entire piece, but still allowed the previous layers and texture to show through.

I keep a list of quotes on my phone. Things I may use in my art one day. Recently, my phone lost this list of quotes. I was laying in bed one morning and I remembered that I had had a prayer from my yoga class stored on this list. A quote I knew was prefect for this piece of art. So I laid in bed one Sunday morning, ignoring Bear’s request for me to get up for breakfast, searching for this quote:

May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

Next, I brought my computer down to my studio and typed out the quote and started playing around with the layout and size of the text. Once I had it right, I printed it out and used tracing paper to copy the words onto my board.Lexisworks_YogaPrayer8I used colored pencils to color in the letters. Then added some extra detail to the mountains with some geometric lines. To ground the piece, I finished it up with my usual bar of patterned paper and fabric with a strip of rick rack over the top. Lexisworks_YogaPrayer5 Lexisworks_YogaPrayer6And now I LOVE it.


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