Camper Inspiration


Come Away with Me

Come Away with Me, $140, original on 14x11x1 on wood panel

Since we purchased our truck camper this last spring, I knew it was in inevitable that this new theme would creep into my art. IMG_3334But I didn’t set out to create this camper piece, as I rarely do. In fact, I started this piece after I returned from the Grand Canyon, inspired by the pictograms I saw in the Desert View Watch Tower.

IMG_3120I wanted to work with a different color palate than I’d be using (as much as I love the lime and teal, I needed something new.) I admit, I didn’t venture far away but it was enough of a departure from what I had been working with.Camper

I enjoyed carving into the wet paint, revealing the layers beneath, and creating subtle texture. I also revived my brayer and loved this new way of applying paint. I quite enjoyed where my painting was in this “move” stage, but I knew it wasn’t done so I kept moving forward. Looking back at the stages of my paintings, I sometimes miss these raw moments. I know it is apart of the final paining, but in my attempt to finish a painting, I feel too much of this gets lost.


This is right around the time my painting sat for a very long time. I knew it was not done. I’d lost the energy from the previous layer and now everything looked to nice and the same. But there were parts I really liked, like all that texture and was fearful of doing something to ruin my own painting. I should know better by now, but this fear is always there.

So I made a bold move, got out my favorite cardboard piece and pushed paint over almost the entire painting. It felt so good! And now I had a something to work with. This was when the vision of the camper came to me. This nice green setting with the mountains rising above. Fitting, since we had just returned from the Grand Tetons.

Camper3I had also realized that I was missing collage. I’ve been doing more painting lately, which I really enjoy, even though it is more of a struggle for me-that idea of creating something from nothing. So after the camper was painted in, I pulled out my fabric, paper and rick rack and got to work decorating. (Something I have been banned from doing in our own camper.)Camper4


I knew I wanted to add a string of text but I just wasn’t sure what that was. It was a friend from Instagram who suggested the Norah Jones song “Come Away with Me” and I thought, that is perfect!

Camper5I really love when it all comes together like that. It only took about 2 months to finish the piece, but sometimes they just have to sit until inspiration strikes. And I have quite a few sitting and waiting….



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