The Journey of the Red Fox

ForestFox_2014.wThis painting took a journey. I sat with it for a very long time in each of it’s phases. It was hard for me to let go of where it was in the beginning, even though I knew it wasn’t done. This is something I often struggle with in my paintings. But I’m slowly getting better. If I don’t love it, then continue painting and paint RIGHT OVER IT.

ForestFox_progressMost of the time I have made the intention to add an illustration, but for this painting, I could sort of “see” the fox in the painting. So I drew and painted him in and let that image become my focal point.


I do love how it finished, but I just wish I could work each painting 12 different ways! There were parts of the original that I really loved, like the small and large gold bubble wrap stamping that I did early on. But these areas became under layers to the final painting, as they aren’t very prominent in the final piece.


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