Song Bird


I love it when I get emails like this:
I bought a darling piece of art by you in downtown Breckenridge. It has three little birds and the flags behind it say “take flight.” I LOVE it! It’s for my daughter’s room. Her nickname is birdy so I loved the little birds in the artwork. I wanted to buy another piece to pair with it but didn’t see another piece that worked. I would like to inquire about your availability, interest, and pricing in creating a piece for her that has a similar color scheme to the take flight piece. She’s 12 and loves to sing. I would love to incorporate something about singing.


Internally, (and maybe physically, too!) I jump with excitement about these opportunities! I am always available and interested in creating custom art. There is something about making art specifically for someone that focuses my attention like no other art making does.


bird drawings

When I create for the sake of creating, I have too many choices. But when I work on a custom piece, I can narrow in on what needs to be done next and these pieces come effortlessly. I can feel so much struggle with other pieces, but custom pieces are a joy for me to create. And clearly that joy shines through.

songI started out by doing some drawings of song birds. I drew and re-drew until it was just right. Next, I gathered the scraps that I would need to make the collage. Because I save EVERYTHING, I still had a few fabric scraps left over from the “Take Flight” piece referenced in the email.


When I create custom pieces, I try to make them as special and personal as possible. I picked out maps of Kansas, since that was where the family was from. And I also looked at the text on the musical note pages to find words that about singing. I even found the girl’s name in the dictionary to include in the collage. I included a few more accent bits and laid everything out. I typed the text out on my vintage typewriter and decided where I wanted it to go.

Finally, all that was left was to glue everything into bird in progress



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