Morning Studio Habit Revisited


I had been real good for several weeks about starting my day in my studio. Up early, breakfast and coffee and straight downstairs.

But then other things became more important. Or my schedule for the day didn’t pan out quite right. And then 2 weeks went by and I wasn’t starting my day in the studio.

I saw the rewards of being in my studio. And I clearly saw the results of not being in my studio. All week I have felt creatively constipated. Not only had I NOT felt like creating anything with my hands, but my desire and ability to design significantly declined.

It was a rough week. I had no idea how to spend my time if I was feeling unable to design or create. I felt that my well was empty and I had no clue how to fill it back up.20140321-081118.jpgYesterday, a friend emailed to say I had inspired her to commit to her own studio. My own awesome commitment and her own jealousy and desire had led her to spend an hour daily in her studio. I suddenly felt that I had been letting myself down by not being in my studio daily.

I needed to pick up with my habit. So this morning, I got up and then went down to my studio.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I picked out a large 24×30 canvas and put some paint down. And just kept going. No plan. No real faith in what I was doing really. I just tried to make different textured marks.20140321-081146.jpg


20140321-081210.jpgI took a break for breakfast and coffee and when I returned, I saw shapes that needed to be brought to life.

IMG_3011I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, but I felt so good creating something. When those creative blocks hit, it can feel terrifying that it’s never going to return. This was only a small block, but the fear was never the less present.


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