Following My Energy

I’ve been creating more, recently. Part of an almost daily practice of starting my day in my studio. I’m good about getting everything else done, but trying to get in my studio later in the day is hard work.


I’ve also begun a large project which is stretching my comfort zone. I’m working BIG. 30×30 inches.


I’m learning I’ve preferred to work small because I get a bit impatient when I create. I get bored with an area and want to move on, even though I haven’t finished my intention for the space.


These large pieces are forcing me to work through the uncomfortable. And I have discovered my new favorite painting tool.


I know, not very technical. Just a 3.5×2 piece of chip board. But I LOVE the way it moves paint across large areas.


Today I leaned into this large space I was creating in. I used my scrapper and got my hands dirty, mostly forgoing paint brushes. I turned the music up loud (today it was Cat Power). I remembered my teachings from Flora Bowely and let my body guide me.

20140302-120222.jpgThis meant taking a break to have a dance party for myself, dancing like nobody was watching. Because no one was, except the dog.


I let this energy carry me on to some other in progress paintings. I often get to a point with my paintings where I have to stop because I’m afraid of ruining them. I like where they are at but I don’t love them. For real, sometimes I feel I won’t ever figure out how to finish. So I let it sit.


With my creative energy flowing, I knew it was time to make some changes to this piece. Using my new friend Mr. Scraper, I pulled neon pink and white across the canvas. And added some bubble wrap stamping. It will probably sit again until I feel the next phase.



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