Doodle Draw Lessons

These photos are almost a year over due, but I’m trying to get back on the blogging wagon and this post was actually already started, I just never added any text!

I had the pleasure of working under the teaching of Jennifer Mercede at the Makerie last spring and to learn the joy of doodling. We spent the morning losening up with lots of blind contour drawings outside. As well as just some free doodle exercises.20130418-213934.jpg

In addition to our day long doodle-paint exploration, we focused on the theme of “art as life” and “life as art”, and what we could learn from these two interchangeable ideas.20130418-213944.jpg

Below are a few of the lessons I learned during this day of play and joy.20130418-214210.jpg

I did create one final piece of art by the end of the day and that was this pair of blue dear. I was inspired by a photograph in a vintage book about the forest. 20130418-214008.jpg



I didn’t have a plan with these dear. I just went with the flow and when I was feeling blue, I went with it and painted the dear blue.20130418-214145.jpg

This painting now hangs in my dining room as a reminder of what I can create when I get out of my own head and just play.

And here I am channeling my inner artist, dressed for the part.20130418-214157.jpg

One of my hopes in attending the Makerie was to meet a creative friend. Below, Cara Harjes and I pose the final evening, thrilled to have made our connection. Cara has proved to be an inspiration to me and I couldn’t be more happy to have her in my creative circle.20130418-214236.jpg


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