Tenny Lane Special Request

I just finished another cool commission project. This time I had the honor of bringing to life a poem about a garden. The buyer commissioned this piece of art as a surprise for his girlfriend in honor of the beautiful garden she tends in her backyard.

Before starting the actually creation of the art, I sat down with the buyer. We looked through my gallery of previous art and he pointed out what he liked about my style. I asked him questions about color, content and imagery. I knew that I had been chosen for this project because the buyer loved the style in which I create and trusted me to create a meaning piece of art.

It really is true that my creative energy is focused when I work on  custom projects. I worked with a color palette that I normally don’t choose for my own pieces of art, but it’s good to step out of my comfort zone and push myself. I was so happy with the way the colors, textures, images and text came together.

Tenny Lane Art

I started out going through my collection of papers pulling out what grabbed my eye and what fit the garden theme.Tenny Lane Art

Then I arranged all the elements the way I wanted them and glued them down. I added some yellow and green paint to sort of melt all the papers together. I also added some blue stamping with rubble wrap. Followed by a bit of white to wash it all out a bit.Tenny Lane ArtNext, I laid out all my top layer bits and worked on arranging them. This included the strips of paper and fabric on the bottom, red flowers, the rickrack, and the silohette of the tree, sun and moon. I typed up the poem on my vintage typewriter and cut all the lines a part.
Tenny Lane Art

When I was happy with the layout, I glued everything down and added rub on letters for the title.Tenny Lane Art


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