Adventure Marks the Soul Forever

I totally just love this quote right now! Recently I had the opportunity to create a custom piece of art for a woman I met at one of my craft fairs.

Here’s the progress of that piece of art.

I started by doing a textured layer of pinks and reds. Then I painted teal and white almost entirely over all of the red, so there were just a few specks showing through.

Next I took a page from an old atlas of the state of Colorado and cut it into a mountain shape.Adventure progress

I started to paint in the trees and the mountains, making sure bits of the map showed through.Adventure ProgressThen I finished up with an accent of ribbon and rickrack and I drew in the text with a paint pen.

I just LOVE how this piece came together and I’m happy to know that the customer was thrilled with the final project.

What can I create for you?


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