May Thrifted Treasures

I missed April’s round up of finds but I’ve been trying to slow my thrifting a little bit so I haven’t had as much to share.

My favorite find recently was a box of old rub on letters. I was digging through the box thinking I’d only pick a handful of sheets and then thought, I should just take the whole box. I haven’t seen the $2 price tag on the side so I was happy I had chosen to take the whole box when I got to the check out.

may thrift rub on lettersI’m still on the look out for vintage music sheets, children’s books and maps. Though with my drawer full now, I’m probably set for maps. At least until I start using them and run low. I tend to collect lots of something before I feel like it’s not so precious and can start using it in my art.

I was proud of only spending $1 at one estate sale. This estate sale had an entire room lined with books and I resisted almost everyone one of them, just picking up 1 children’s book and a stack of label maker tape. may thrift vintage booksmay thrift vintage mapsThe more I collect, the more particular I’m becoming in the things I do choose to buy. That’s mostly because I can’t afford to bring home everything I want. Nor is there space for it all. This vegetarian cookbook was part of a set, but I couldn’t justify bringing them all home. So I just picked one. I looked the illustrations and I thought it’d make a fun artist journal. But since I haven’t been doing much art journaling I didn’t need more than one.

I’ve started to do a bit more sewing now that I got a new sewing machine, but I’m still not much of a sewer so I try to keep my fabric buying low. I couldn’t pass up these fun colored samples though. I actually thought they’d be great in collages rather than sewing.may thrift vintage cookbook With the changing seasons, I’ve had my eye out for spring clothes at the thrift stores. I was proud of my denim capri and tan blouse find. I only grabbed the jeans because I needed a pair to try the shirt with and sure enough the capris fit! I was wearing the outfit when bear came home one day and he said, “Goodwill today?” I replied, “Savers, actually.” He knows me so well.

maytthrift summer outfitthrifted spring outfitWriting this round up has got me jonesing for a trip to the Goodwill up the street today. Trying my best to hold out on that urge though.


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