My First Artist Date

I’ve had The Artist’s Way by Juila Cameron sitting next to my bed for over a year. I read chapter 1 twice in the time and haven’t been able to move any further until this last week.

One of the lovely ladies I met at The Makerie suggested the a small group of us go through the book together-at our own-pace and offer support and encouragement along the way.

There are two main components to this book. The first is the morning pages, which consists of writing 3 pages daily, preferably in the morning. This was part of what got me stuck last time. It takes commitment-and about 20 minutes-to sit and write 3 pages. It takes getting out of bed a little bit earlier. It takes sitting at the table writing, when your phone alerts you to an email. It takes perseverance. I am almost through the first week and still at it. I still dislike it, but I see that it is good.

Summer Artist DateThe other component is the artist date. Once a week, you are to take 1-2 hours for just yourself and do something inspiring. I thought about this all week. What would inspire me? What would fill my creative well? What would be a true treat for myself. I couldn’t concentrate in yoga because I was thinking so hard about this artist date.

Finally, I asked myself, “what do you want to do today?” It was such a nice Saturday, like a summer Saturday, and the sun was calling, “Be outside,” the voice in my head told me over and over. So I stopped at the french bakery on my way home and picked up a fresh croissant. Once at home, I put on a pot of coffee and laid our wedding quilt out in the backyard. I grabbed a stack of my favorite art books, my sketchbook and a few pens. Then I laid in the sun for over an hour flipping through books, reading, and doodling in my sketchbook.

It was so LUXURIOUS!

Summer Artist DateI can see the importance of these dates and how they do fill the soul. I also realized there is no reason to come up with a new date idea every week so although I see the importance of switching it up, I will be repeating this date frequently.

Spending some quality time with myself, soaking in inspiration made it possible for me to enjoy the rest of the day and not feel that guilt I often feel for not being in my studio creating.


2 thoughts on “My First Artist Date

  1. Lori says:

    I have that book. I’ve not even finished chapter one, so I didn’t know about this artist’s date thing. However it surely sounds like a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

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