Just A Day

I was inspired by Flora Bowely today and have decided to write up a quick blog post.

Flora Bowely is doing a 30 Day Blog Love Affair, where she rekindles her relationship with her blog. I’m feeling I need to ignite that same affair.

Using her blog post as a jumping point, here’s how my day went today.

I got up at 6:30! Which after yesterday is a HUGE deal. I’m working on a new wedding invitation suite and I was motivated to get up early before work and put some time in. Perhaps a clue to finding my passion and fire?

Then I went to work for the day.

The sun was shinning when I came home today so I changed into my long maxi dress-the first time since last Fall- and went outside with the dog. There was lots of fetch. And I opened a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Spring Evening

Spring is sprunging

Enjoying my glass of wine, I made a tour of the yard, checking out what is springing up now that it is Spring.

Daffodil sproutsEven though the sun was going down and I needed a sweat shirt, I insisted on sitting outside for dinner tonight. We grilled pork loin and pineapple, served with salsa verde, avocado, black beans and quinoa. One of my new favorites and I promise to post the recipe soon-when I’ve taken photos!

I spent an hour at the computer working on the wedding invites again before settled into the couch to watch my new favorite show Nashville.

Not a bad Wednesday after all.


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