It Is Work

I haven’t wanted to get up lately. It’s not a matter of being tired, it’s been a lack of fire. I feel like I’ve been missing my inspiration, my passion, my fire.

I’m trying to be so gentle with myself and allow myself to lay in bed a little bit longer in the morning if I need it. I remind myself that one day we will have kids, and I won’t be able to lay nestled in the layers of covers in the quiet dark, snuggled up to the dog.

Remi in bedBut I quickly remember that I also won’t have the time that I have now to accomplish things. So I feel I need to get out of bed, getting going.

Of course the days I work outside of the house, I have a little lee way to how much extra time I can spend in bed. At some point, I do have to get up, get ready and leave the house. I’ve had intentions of getting up early and spending time in my studio, or journaling, or adding a morning yoga practice at home. I have accomplished this, but very rarely.

These days, when I am “working from home” (working on Lexisworks,) I run about a 50% average on getting up and getting going. Some days I do manage to get up at 6:30 am, make some coffee and get to the computer. Other days I’m an hour or two behind that. Though the benefit of working from home is that even if I do snuggle in bed a bit longer, I’m still up and working at about the same time I would be at my day job.

I think part of the reality is that the “working from home” is starting to wear. I’ve been on my current schedule of 2 days home, 3 days at work for almost a year. Plus there were the 8 months before that of off and on work. It really takes a continuing dedication to work from home.

I feel like I’ve been searching for that renewed dedication, that fire and passion, since the start of this year. Now that Spring is here, it feels like I haven’t made much progress. I wonder where Winter went, along with all of my intentions to get set up for the year, organized and generate new business ideas.

I guess that’s why it’s still called “working from home,” because it is work.




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