A Living Room Transformation, in Progress

Living Room-October-1We have been in the process of “finishing” our living room since the Fall of 2010, when my in-laws kinda removed the wall paper from the walls. The room sat for another year before we gained the momentum to paint. After painting three other rooms, we’d lost the enthusiasm to paint.

Living room in progressWe finally painted the living room in the Winter of 2012 and removed all of the carpet in the room as well. It was a magical transformation and I finally began to decorate.

Living room paintedBut we still had our eyesore of a fireplace at one of the room to deal with. We knew we had to do something with it. So we started by removing all of the wood paneling around it. We went back and forth about weather to keep it, replace it or remove it. So I did my best to camouflage it while we figured it out.

unfinished fireplace

We’ve decided to keep our existing fireplace and we’ve made decisions about design and tile. It’s all framed out waiting for the tile board. But we have to take the window out behind the chimney. Its awkwardly placed and covered in a weird “mosaic” glass title. We’ve been stalled because since we decided to remove this window a month ago, the weather has gotten in the way every Saturday.

While I’ve been waiting to have my fireplace completed, I’ve gotten impatient with the imperfections in the rest of the room. I really wanted to have a pretty rug in the room. Something to bring color to all the brown and tan we’d some how ended up with in the living room.

I searched online and found lots of rugs that I loved, but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Rugs can be so expensive. We stopped in Cost Plus World Market to check out rugs and in with five minutes of walking in, we both spotted a rolled up teal colored rug and said, “That one.” There was a sale, we bought it. We didn’t even unroll it until we got home. Of course once I got this new pretty rug, our torn apart couch was now bothering even more.

Old couch


For as well behaved as Remi is, he has two faults: digging holes in our couch and his love for used Kleenex…he may also be a bit needy. He doesn’t chew shoes, or belts or curtains, he knows what his dog toys are. But he does enjoy making a bed and scratching the couch. Which has resulted in a nice hole in one cushion and torn fabric on all the others. We’d taken to covering the couch with an afghan, that then needed to be straightened daily. The room looked disheveled everyday we got home.

So off to IKEA we went, in search of a replacement. We’ve had the brown sectional for five years and I think you need to first own a couch before you can purchase the right one. As we looked at the couches at IKEA, we knew we wanted reservable cushions and removable covers.

IKEA karlstad couchWe made the plunge and picked out a smaller, charcoal denim couch. I feel much happier when I come home everyday.

Now before I go to work, in addition to closing the doors to the bathroom and bedroom (to keep him out of the trash and away from his beloved used Kleenex,) I also put a chair on top of the couch to keep Remi off of it. And in the evening, when Bear and I sit on the couch, Remi is no longer allowed to to curl up with us. He was pretty upset with us in the beginning and it’s been a hard two weeks for the dog, but we still let him curl up with us at night so I think he’ll survive.

Remi dog on the bed



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