March Thrifted Treasures

Thrifting findsI had one of my best thrifting days when my sister-in-law came to visit last month. In two days we hit up a lot of thrift, vintage and resale stores, as well as a few estate sales.

March Thrifted items

It was so much fun sharing one of my favorite hobbies and seeing the excitement of my sister-in-law as she too fell in love with thrifting. I also enjoyed having a second pair of hands for all of my fabulous finds.March Thrifted ItemsI had a particular good day at the Arc on Colfax, a stop I actually hadn’t planned on making but a missed turn found us driving by. So I knew we needed to stop. I firmly believe in the magic of being in a certain place to find something wonderful.

For example, I hadn’t planned on stopping into the Clothes Horse, but we were driving by so I thought, why not? I found an brand new pair of Banana Republic skinny jeans for $20. It pays to have a partner when thrifting because you have two sets of eyes on the look out.

March Thrift FindsI also believe in setting a thrifting intention before going out. The other weekend Bear and I went up the street to Goodwill on the hunt for a something to keep our compost in on our counter. We came home with a nice white cookies jar that works perfect, and it was 50% off Saturday, so it was only $2. I also came home with some adorable yarn art birds that I couldn’t pass up! (The little vintage floral mugs were an Arc find with my sister-in-law.)

March thrift finds

Looking to have your own day of thrifting/vintage fun? Check out these Denver spots:

Goodwill, 4160 S Broadway, Englewood, CO (only 15 blocks from my house

Goodwill Outlet, 3155 S Platte River Dr, Englewood, CO

Savers, 1400 W Littleton Blvd  Littleton, CO

Craft Scraps, 1500 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO. New and used craft items

The UnderGround Market,1500 Littleton Blvd. Suite 140, Littleton, CO. An up-cycle shop that values art, fashion, beauty, and the environment as well as sharing that in a creative community setting.

The Pink Attic Cat, 2555 W Alamo Ave, Littleton, CO

Littleton Antiques & Such, 2677 W. Alamo Ave.Littleton, CO

Wooden Spools, 2805 S Broadway, Englewood. Wooden Spools buys and sells quilting fabric.

Vandel Antiques & Collectables, 2675 W. Alamo Ave., Littleton, CO

The ARC, 6791 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO

Clothe Horse, 4232 Tennyson St, Denver, CO

Magpie Market, 4220 Tennyson St, Denver, CO

I frequenly check these websites for local estate sales and plan my thrifting days around the sales I plan on attending.


3 thoughts on “March Thrifted Treasures

  1. Malynda says:

    I had a great time searching for fun things with you! I have since found Easter dresses for the girls and work pants for Grant. Next up is to find some pieces for the house. 😊

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