Unconditional Love

I was always a cat person growing up. In fact, I didn’t like dogs at all.

But Bear wanted a dog. I told him when we bought a house that we could get one, if I could get a cat. Six months after we bought our house we were fortunate to adopt a chocolate lab named Remington. I didn’t push the cat subject because I wasn’t sure I wanted another pet at that point.

Remi dog photosWe’ve had Remi for almost two and a half years now and I am totally, completely in love with him! We still don’t have a cat. Partly because I didn’t want more hair in my home and partly because we’re not sure Remi would be friends with a cat. But that’s okay because Remi is the lap cat that I always wanted as a kid.

Remi dog photos

He’s also the most pathetic looking dog. And he’s completely destroyed our couch by digging a hold in it. A hole that he now lays in all day long.

But I love him so much.


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