Foxy Love

Sometimes my artwork evolves very quickly and sometimes it’s slow going.

foxy love progressI started the background for this fox collage before the holidays, knowing I wanted to use the foxes, but not sure what I wanted it to look like. Deciding to use two foxes gave me the catalyst to finish this collage, and led me to choosing the text “let’s grow our love.”

Sometimes when I create my art, I just create whatever I feel like creating. For this collage when I had decided to make it a “love” themed piece, I made sure not to make it too pretty. I wanted to add it to my card collection as another option to the cuter designs I already had.foxy love progressOnce I’ve established a main focal point, it’s the final details that really finish the collage. In the case of these foxes, it was adding a scrap of typed text, another illustration, a final scrap of fabric and some rick rack.

foxy love finalLook for this Foxy Love design as a card soon!



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