February Thrifted Finds

I’ve actually been trying to cut down on my thrifting, particularly after I cleaned out my studio closet.

But a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist going to my first estate sale of the year. I’m glad I stopped by because I found 4 great pieces. Just before I arrived, I was having a conversation with myself about how I needed to stop buying suitcases and possibly start selling the ones that I had and wasn’t using (I have 12.)

vintage suitcaseI walked into the garage to start and right away, my eye found an old suitcase that I had to have! I also found an old projector box, without the projector, a jewelry box and a wooden box.

Thrifted boxes

I toured the rest of the house, but the only other thing I found was two measuring tapes to add to my collection.

This past weekend Bear said to me, “We could go do something, but if I say want it is, you’ll get too excited.”

I asked, “Me or the dog?” (our dog knows a few words (particularly “hungry,” “food,” “bed,” and “potty”) so he gets excited when he hears them.

Bear replied, “You.” And he knew he was talking about going to the thrift store! We had an unsuccessful trip to Goodwill. Which didn’t surprise me since it had just been 50% off day the day before. And we were both particularly surprised at how “expensive” many things were. Had Goodwill raised their prices?

We headed over to Savors next. Bear had been looking for work jeans and finally he had success. I found 2 orange floral plates that I couldn’t resist. They’ll make great trays for plant pots in the house.

I imagine next month I’ll have quiet the bounty to share, as my sister-in-law will be visiting and she has requested to thrift on her visit. So excited!

What have you found lately?


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