15 Minutes a Day

Now that my studio is complete, I can move on to actually creating in my studio.

In progress

I’ve made it my new goal to spend 15 minutes a day in my studio. This time could be spent creating, or simply reorganizing or just standing in the room-anything that keeps me in the room for a short period of time everyday. My hope is that it will create a habit for me that makes me want to be in my studio, rather than fighting it.

Horizontal in progressEven though I know that creating ultimately makes me happier, there is something within me that drags its heels about going down to my studio.

On one of the first days I started doing my 15 minutes, I ended up painting. I spent much more than the 15 anticipated minutes and finally used up a tube of yellow paint that I’ve had for 10 years. I guess I haven’t been a fan of yellow. But I sure love how it looks on this painting!Horizontal Landscape in progress


3 thoughts on “15 Minutes a Day

    • lexisworks says:

      I was lucky enough when we bought our house that there was a built in work table in my studio. I like that I can stand at the table or sit with a stool. There was also lots of lights already in the room which helped. I really only picked out the pretty paint colors to make it more feminine and change it from the man’s workshop that it was before. Find a good sized table to work on, a good light and a good storage shelf and make sure to fill the room with inspiration!

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