A Teaching Opportunity

I’ve known that I wanted to teach since I left college. At one point I even applied to Grad school to get my masters so that I could teach at the university level. But I didn’t get in and the program was in Fort Collins and I knew that that hour drive wouldn’t fit into my life as things started rolling forward.

Recently I realized I didn’t need a fancy degree to teach. With my knowledge on art and collage, I could teach workshops. This has been a bug in my head since last Thanksgiving and has slowly been percolating in my head.

Workshop Group PhotoLast week, I finally did a trial run of a collage workshop right in my very own home. I invited friends to come and be my guinea pigs for my first teaching experience.

workshopI had so much fun teaching this group of ladies about collage and guiding them through their projects! It was particularly awesome because I knew each person intimately and I enjoyed watching their collages evolve based on their personalities.

workshop finals

workshop finals

workshop finals

I’m looking forward to teaching more workshops in 2013 and I’ve already been talking with several possible opportunities.


3 thoughts on “A Teaching Opportunity

  1. Tara Leaver says:

    How fantastic! Looks like they produced some lovely work under your tutelage. 🙂 I’d love to know how you structured the lesson, if you did! I’m going to be doing something similar this year and am fascinated by the process of putting together a class that allows flexibility while still having some kind of focus.

    • lexisworks says:

      It was very loosely structured for 2 reasons, I was busy with holiday shows and pushed it off until the last minute and it was just my friends so it was more relaxed.
      I would like to work toward more structure on my end in the feature as I add more variety to my lessons. But there will always be a sense of loseness to the workshops because the way I work is intuitive and I want the class to be able to go with the flow.
      I’d love to hear anything you’ve come across about creative lesson planning!

      • Tara Leaver says:

        I am the same; I work intuitively and therefore that’s what I feel comfortable to share ~ less ‘how to draw a realistic whatever’ and more ‘tap into your innate creativity and see what happens’! I did Google phrases like ‘how to plan art workshops’ etc and found a few things but mostly it seems very structured and usually geared towards kids! I will let you know if I find anything more suitable! I’d love to know if you do too. 🙂 Very exciting, I wish you huge success with it.

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