Busy Busy Holiday Season

Things have been pretty hectic around here with the holiday market season.

I had an amazing weekend at the Sugar Plum Bazaar-my most successful show to date-before heading off to the San Francisco area for a 6 day Thanksgiving vacation.

Lexis and Bear Golden Gate San Fransiciso

After riding the cable cards, we roamed around the city for awhile. We walked all the way from Coit tower, at the top of this photo, to Lombard street. But we quickly decided that we aren’t city people and spent the rest of our time driving along the coast and seeing the redwoods.Bear and the Redwoods Bear and Lexis at the beach Beach panorama


As much as I enjoyed our vacation, it wasn’t the best timing with all of my holiday fairs scheduled.  And to be quite honest, I’ve been fighting off lots of anxiety. I’ve been working a different schedule at my “day job” because of my vacation and weekend day craft fairs, so I’m looking forward to December 10th when I will get a real day off. No work, no fairs.

I hope that is the day that I get back into my studio. I miss creating, painting, moving bits of paper around. And there are piles of things around the house, mostly piles from all of my shows. So in addition to hoping for a successful holiday market season, I’m also looking forward to a quiet January.

For a chance to clean up my studio and house, a chance to make art, and a chance to have some down time. And get back to writing here.


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