November Thrift Treasures

Hello, my name is Lexis…and I have an addiction…to thrifting.

There I said it. I confessed this to a fellow thrifter last night and she said “No, it’s not a problem until you run out of space.”

Phew. I still have a big basement with lots of room for all my finds. And when I need it, my husband’s truck to pick up items that don’t fit in my Subaru.

Like when I found a stack of white washed fence at the Arc recently. There was no price and when they told me $2.99 each, I couldn’t walk away with less than two. I knew they would make great displays. Of course when I found out they wouldn’t fit in my car, I had to drive home and switch to the truck. Then I had Bear cut the fences down so I could easily transport them in my own car.

And the thing was I had walked into the Arc looking for a little box to hold some gift tags. I didn’t find anything that would work. But in addition to the fence, I did find an awesome vintage drink shaker and vintage sheet. Not bad for only $10 total.

Another pull I have to resist on a daily basis, is the fact that the Goodwill Outlet is only minutes from my house and most of the time on my way home. I believe in listening to pull to stop in because I just might be lucky enough to find a great find. On my last trip, I found 2 suitcases including this giant black suitcase. I had stopped in with the intention of finding more display pieces for my booth and I walked away with some lovely pieces.

The other two suitcases in the photo above are from an estate sale blocks from my house. This was a sale I stopped at right after I told a friend I needed to stop thrifting. But how could I resist a sale so close to my house? For the most part, a lot of the items were over priced at the sale, but the set of suitcases was only $2. I couldn’t NOT buy them.

So that puts my suitcase collection at 12.

This little table was a freebie. I was driving in my neighborhood and spotted a stack of furniture with the word “free.” I made a quick U-turn and drove away with a lightweight table that I knew would look great spay painting. My only regret was that I should have picked up the matching table. But I thought, why would I need two of these tables?

My last collection of finds comes from an estate sale last week. I had walked through most of the house not finding much and then walked into the bedrooms. I’ve always wanted a vintage dress so I often look through the clothes. Right after I pulled this dress out of the closet, I had several woman tell me “what a beautiful dress.” There was no size indicated but I figured it was a close fit. Unfortunately, there was no way to try on the dress, so I took a gamble and paid the $25 for the dress, they gave me everything else for “free.”

I do need to find a good seamstress because in addition to being a bit too long for my short body, it also doesn’t zip up in the back! So I will see if I will actually be able to wear this dress or not. But if I do get it to fit, I have the perfect little even bag to go with it!

Today I’m off to Goodwill to make a small purchase. Because of my new Clubblue status, I get a $5 gift card for making a purchase during my birthday month. And mark your calendars, instead of Black Friday, take part in 50% off Blue Saturday, November 24th in Denver.






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