Pillows, Potholders, Calendars and Necklaces, oh my!

I’m booked solid for the upcoming holiday shopping season. I have 9 events on the calendar between now and the end of December. I’ve been busy getting stocked up on popular items and creating new products. Here’s a peak at all of the fun new items for sale this season.

With the help of Spoonflower and my mom’s sewing skills, I now have 4 pillow designs to offer. Once my fabric arrived, I had a fun trip to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out coordinating fabrics for my custom fabric.

This new batch of pillows includes the popular “Live the Life You Imagined” and “Find Your Adventure” art as well as the return of the “Kiss Your Children” pillows.

There was extra space on my yard of fabric, so I had some extra 6 inch squares printed with some other art. I sent all the fabric off to my mom and she sent back these cute potholders. There are only two of these, so they are a unique set.

I shared the process of my calendars a bit ago and now they are finally real!

For 2013, I’ve created a calendar that you can write-in your goals, intentions, reminders, birthdays, etc. And for new moms and dad, the “Baby’s First Year Memories” calendar allows parents to write down baby’s memories as they happen.

And last but not least, I’m excited to share the second set of necklaces created by myself and {afd.} This is another set of hand assembled beauties.

So, what’s your new favorite?


2 thoughts on “Pillows, Potholders, Calendars and Necklaces, oh my!

  1. Catherine Scanlon says:

    Totally random and unrelated comment — I love your background image! I live near the Casco Bay and when I scroll down I see that it keeps repeating!!! 🙂 Have a great day and love your products — I think the pillows are my fav!

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