Five Things on the First: Artist Prints

Who doesn’t have a collection of favorite products and art on Etsy and now DIY projects Pinterest? We are all so good at collecting these bits of eye candy, myself included. But I wonder how good many of us are at actually purchasing the product for ourselves (perhaps to celebrate something) or creating those clever projects.

I told myself earlier this summer that if I hit a certain number in sales at each of my craft fairs, then I would celebrate by buying myself one of my favorite art prints. Do you know how many of those prints that I’ve bought? Zero. Because every time I hit that goal, I talked myself down, saying I really hadn’t done that well at the show, that I’d wanted to sell more. And that it wasn’t necessary for me to buy something so non-essential.

I think so many of us our guilty of not letting ourselves self indulge and allowing ourselves to feel good about it when we do. I hope this month, as you begin your holiday shopping for everyone else in your life, that you remember yourself and learn to celebrate your own accomplishments, no matter how small. Celebrating is important!

So on that note, I’m sharing the art prints that I hope to reward myself in celebration. I have a busy holiday market schedule (I’m at 7 events in the next 6 weeks) and I’m sure I can devise a goal for myself that would allow me to indulge in one of these beautiful pieces of art.

Artist Prints for my Home

1. “Quiet Treasure” by Mati Rose
This print is part of a series of Treasure Seeker art that Mati created and I LOVE all of them!


2. Sickeningly Sweet by Cori Dantini
I couldn’t help but think of Bear and I when I saw this print. I enjoy all of Cori’s whimsical illustrations.

3. “The Love Ship” by Jessica Swift
I’ve been drawn to Jessica’s art since I discovered it early this spring. Her colors are fantastic and I love her painted images.



4. “Heart & Intuition” by Mae Chevrette
Mae’s art was another I discovered this spring. I’m in love with her seamless layering and use of typography to bring to live the quotes she uses.


5. “Here Comes the Sun” by Cheryl Patrick
This last one is a place holder for an original piece of art that I’d like to pick out by Cheryl. I’ve eyed her work since I first saw it last summer here in Denver. And I eye it every time I walk into Willow to drop off my own artwork.




4 thoughts on “Five Things on the First: Artist Prints

  1. Tara Leaver says:

    I reward myself with art from my Etsy shop sometimes too! How funny that you’ve listed four of my favourite artists as well. 🙂 Cheryl Patrick is new to me though so I’m going to check her out now. Hope you do treat yourself to these!

    • lexisworks says:

      I’m happy to hear you reward yourself with art. Cheryl Patrick is local here in Denver and unfortunately she doesn’t have much of a web presence with her art, which is too bad because it’s beautiful I’d love for you see more of it!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I always (almost always) get a little sum’n’sumn from Willow (including stuff of yours) when I drop stuff off. I figure it ‘gets me in the flow’…
    Both Helen at Willow and Robyn Thayer have told me that you would be a wonderful and willing artist to pow-wow with a bit. I’m currently in a conundrum about craft fairs around Denver… will you please contact me at the email provided? Thank you!!!

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