Bringing Happiness

Yesterday was my last outdoor market of the season and my first solo booth. I had to get up at 5am to make the hour drive up to Longmont for the last craft market of the Boulder County Farmer’s market season. I was not so happy to be setting up in the dark at 6:15 am or the cold 25 degree temperature. But once the sun came up, it was out and it slowly warmed up. And I was pretty happy with how everything came together!




I’ve used my collection of suitcases to showcase some of my new items. Assorted cards sets are now available, 6 cards for $30. And I know have prints of everyone’s favorite painting “Life is Better in the Mountains.”20121028-180325.jpg

The lovely little collage necklaces were on display. We are getting ready to launch the next set so we’re clearing out the last of the current designs. There are still a few left, if you’d like to get your favorite design for yourself or a friend. Only $19.

I think I’ve finally come up with the most effective ways of presenting my art, drawing people into my booth.

It was amazing to see people stop, look at my art and then see the smile that spread across their face. After this happened several times, it got me realizing, THIS is why I do what I do.

Hearing so many people say “I love your work!” made my day and made the days where things don’t go so well melt away from memory. I stood there in my booth, looking at all of my art, proud of what I had created, hoping my art will make it out into the world.


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