Unique Calendar Concepts

I’ve had lots of request for calendars but never knew the best way to create one with my art. The truth is the money I would put into a traditional 12 month picture calendar wouldn’t be worth what I could get out of it selling it. Because a 12 month picture calendar is really  like 12 prints and no one would buy a $240 calendar!

This summer I came up with the idea to make a large year-at-a-glance calendar featuring one piece of artwork and all 12 months. It would be something pretty to look at all year and my idea was that you could cut the 8×10 print out at the end of the year and frame it.

I got some feedback from a friend and fellow crafter and she recommended that I put more time into the calendar. She also gave me the suggestion of leaving each month blank so you could write in your goals that you “imagine” for the year.

So I did both. I jazzed up the calendar and made a second version.

This version allowed you to write in your own goals, reminders, intentions, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, etc for the year. It could be a calendar you keep up forever with family birthdays or it would make a great wedding shower gift for the bride to be with her new family’s birthdays.

And once this idea started rolling in my head it got me thinking about a “game” from my wedding shower. There was a 12 month calendar for the guests to write in for our first year of marriage. People wrote in everything from the sweet and funny to… of course dirty. But I thought this calendar idea lent itself perfectly to this concept.

And while I was thinking about marriage, I thought about babies! Every parent wants to document their child’s first year. So many moms have told me they started the scrapbook and never finished it. With this wall calendar, you can hang it up in the nursery and jot down memories right as they happen! Keep it up or at the end of the year, cut the top portion off and pop those cute elephants in a frame and put the bottom portion in your 12×12 scrapbook.

These are truly the first unique idea I’ve had in a long time regarding my art. I’m really excited about the concept, but also worry I’m not going to be able to market them correctly. Will people get the idea?


4 thoughts on “Unique Calendar Concepts

  1. Tara Leaver says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I really love how you pulled them together with the background colours too. I think they are a fantastic idea and I definitely haven’t seen anything like this before. {I’m going to stop commenting on every post now and get dressed!}

    • lexisworks says:

      Thanks for all your comments, it’s always nice to know someone is readying and enjoying. I got the calendars back from the printer and they turned out better than I could have hoped. I sold my first one to a friend this weekend. Can’t wait to share them with the world!

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