Encaustic Play

When I started selling my products at Willow this Spring, I mentioned to the owner how much I loved the artwork of Cheryl Patrick, a local encaustic artist. The owner told me she’d just done a small encaustic workshop in the store and I was immediately jealous of the opportunity. The owner was hoping Cheryl would do another workshop soon.

Here Comes the Sun by Cheryl Patrick of Denver

So I was excited to pen my email one June day and find the announcement for an upcoming Encaustic workshop with Cheryl! I checked my calendar and emailed back right away that I was in. I knew the class filled up and quick and wanted to make sure my seat was saved.

I’ve been interested in the basics of Encaustic for awhile, especially since I’ve played around a bit with wax as a finishing technique for some of my previous art. But all along I felt like I was missing something. And I was, it turned out.

First, the blow torch. This is the key tool in Encaustic, it allows you to get a nice even finish to your wax layer. Additionally, a special mix of wax and resin is used.

It definitely took some practice with the blow torch and I have to admit I was a little weary about using it. But overall, pretty easy.

The best part about taking this class-and any of the day workshops- is that it gives me a chance to play. These classes make me realize that I don’t play in my studio very often. I often feel that if I’m making art then it should be a piece that I’m selling eventually. But this often causes anxiety because I worry about “messing up.” I know that if I were to play more than I would become less anxious about the whole process.

Another great thing that came out of this class was meeting Cheryl hereself. She proved to be a great resource for me on questions relating to being an artist and graphic designer. Not to mention she did an excellent job walking us through the process of Encaustic.

I haven’t not gathered all the supplies to start working in an Encaustic style myself yet, but it is only a mental list of things to do. I really love the effect and how it really melts (no pun intended) all of the paper scraps together making them look so cohesive.

So another technique to add to my collection and a direction for my artwork to explore.

I made the little square piece as an anniversary present for Bear, since the first anniversary  gift is “paper.” Now it sits on shelf as part a wedding vignette.


4 thoughts on “Encaustic Play

    • lexisworks says:

      Well, thank you! It was an amazing process and I really want to get into it myself, it’s just making the effort to gather the supplies. Maybe come January when the market season dies down a bit.

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