October Thrifted Treasures

Wow! I have so much to share!

First, I am a firm believer of the more you go, the more you’ll find. It sounds silly, but you really have to be persistent in your hunting. The more you go out and look, the more likely you are to find some good finds.

This set of finds includes a 15 day hiatus I took from thrift stores. I felt a need a bit of a breather and some control on my own impulsive thrifting habit. As it turns out, I just hit the estate sales a little harder…

I had the opportunity to take a friend along one Friday morning. Although she walked away with nothing of her own, I found her extra set of hands worked to my advantage. The awesome floral suitcases were a steal at only $3 a piece and match the floral suitcase I found in January.

These orange and yellow flats are the perfect example of putting something out into the universe and receiving it. We were at Savers shopping for Halloween customs and I said “I just want to find a pair of fun colorful shoes. I’m always so practical with my shoe choices and I’d love to find a pair of inexpensive colorful shoes. I turned around these shoes were sitting on the shelf. The thrift gods had answered my call: and for only $2.99 (less than what I paid for my Halloween costume shoes which I plan on never wearing again)

The estate sale with the suitcase turned out to be a little bit of treasure trove for me. I only spent $9 but in addition to the suitcases I walked out with some dictionaries and a memento scrapbook.

There is something fantastic and sad about purchasing these scrapbooks. But I knew this book would be a great source of printed material for my collages. This scrapbook had over 20 napkins and invites stapled in as well as some 3-D items saved in plastic sandwich baggies.

I found several maps-love that brilliant teal ocean- and a cookbook with some fun illustrations. They were almost not worth the 10 minute line I waited in to pay $5.

These next finds were courtesy of the Goodwill. Today I became the proud owner of a Goodwill rewards card. Yes, Goodwill now offers a reward and discount program. Because I needed another reason to shop. Now I get 10% off every purchase.

I have some holiday projects in mind for the tinsel garland and some teaching ideas brewing so I’ve been collecting material that I can share.

Happy thrifting!


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