Ridge 38 Market Photos

When I was only doing a few markets over the whole year, I was a lot better about taking photos and sharing them on my blog. Now that I’m doing shows several times a month, I’m not as good at keeping up.

Today I’m sharing photos from the first Celebrate Ridge 38 artisan market. For a first time event, this market ran super smoothly and we appreciated the many volunteers for load in and load out. I was particularly fond of the 5 gentlemen who packed of my entire car for me at the end of the day. There’s something about men, they just love the challenge of playing tetras in packing up a vehicle.

Every time we do a market, Anne and I set up a little bit different and discover a better way to do something. The newest addition to my market set up is the pegboard for displaying prints.

My collection of suitcases has been the best asset for these markets. Not only can I pack all my merchandize, but they are also my display pieces so it makes packing more efficient.


Now that the outdoor market season is drawing to a close, we will have to translate our lovely display to an indoor set up. This means we’ll probably lose our flowing curtains that we get compliments on all the time. So some brainstorm is in order on how to create the same feel indoors.




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