It’s Been Awhile

I’ve realized that my blog has taken a back burner to everything else going on. It wasn’t intentional, it just kept going to the bottom of the list and then finally, it stopped making the list.

I also haven’t really felt that I had much to share. Things are going along fine and smooth, no real hiccups, but nothing of great interest going on either it seems.

I’ve been working on the calendar for the holiday market season and feeling a bit overwhelmed in planning it all and making commitments. I am certainly a planner, but I also don’t like to commit to too many things on my calendar. I like my time and more and more I’m quite the hermit home body. Fortunately, I have Bear to keep me company in all my home time, as he’s getting more hermit-sh as well.

Of course we do get out and do things. All summer I’ve had 2 to 3 markets a weekend, and of course I get out to the thrift store. We see our friends almost once a week so we are not complete homebodies, but there’s just something to be said for being at home. It’s comfortable.

And look, we go to concerts. Here we are at Mumford and Sons at Red Rocks for our anniversary.

This was the same overwhelmed feeling I had in the Spring as I applied for all of the summer markets and I got over it and everything went smoothly.

And of course when am I home, there’s my studio. I don’t utilize as much as I really should or could, but it does get use and I LOVE not having to clean things up-unless I want to.

I’m feeling like a nap today. Might lean into that urge because I have two social engagements to work myself up for this evening. Now I really sound like a hermit!



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