September Thrifted Treasures

When I go out to thrift stores and estate sales lately, I’ve been trying to keep my eye out more for materials to replenish my stash of goodies: music books, dress patterns, interesting books, fabric, and other sewing notions.


That means scouring the piles of wrapping paper I find for something of interest and looking for interesting books. I always wonder what people at estate sales think I intend to do with the pile of things I bring to the table. I certainly don’t plan on reading the french books I bought at one sale!


I’ve also developed at eye for children’s books. I love the illustrations! I also have a weakness for any books with the title “bear” in it. By the time we actually do have kids we will have quite the collection of “bear” books.


And of course I’m still collecting “housewife” literature. But I swear, I bought this book with the intention of using it in my collages. Though it would make a great addition to the Better Crocker entertaining books I found last month.

These items were found at both estate sales and the Goodwill Outlet. For those in Denver, be sure to check out one of the three Denver Metro locations. Be prepared with gloves-I always forget mine!-or at least hand sanitizer. It’s quite the experience, some people spend all day rummaging through all the bins collecting cart fulls of merchandize.

I use the website to find local estate sales. There is a great map so I can figure out which sales are closest to the errands I plan on running on my Friday off.

Happy Thrifting!


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