Creating Art for Love


I’d had the plan to make a piece of art for my in-laws for our summer visit home in July. Two weeks before we left, I realized I hadn’t made this piece of art.

This meant that I didn’t have a lot of time to (over) think about this project, which allowed me to follow my intuition more and work quickly. I chose to do the vinyl letter art that has been pinned all over Pinterest.

If you follow me on facebook, you might have seen the sneak peak photo I shared in early July of this piece of art.

I started with a layer of dictionary pages on a canvas and then painted some rough swaths of blues and white. After this dried, I pulled out my my vinyl letters and realized the large letters I had wouldn’t allow for 3 rows of text.

So I decided to only use the vinyl letters for “Life is… lake.” Then I used a roller to layer some light blue over the top, letting the dark blue show through a bit.

Next I added hand painted “better at the” as the finishing touch.

A happy accident also occurred when I went to pull the vinyl letters off and they stuck to the paper. I was using “permeant” letters instead of “reposition-able.”

When I finished this project, I was so excited with the results that I wanted to make another piece of art. My pregnant sister-in-law was the lucky recipient of a piece of art for the baby room.

The best part was that I didn’t know the colors of the baby room. After opening the gift, I was told I had picked the perfect colors for her yellow and green nursery.




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