Gallery Show Round Up

I never really thought that I would be an artist. At least not a “real” one who actually addresses herself as one and has her work in a gallery. But here I am, not yet 29 and my work has just been featured in a real gallery.

It was so amazing to walk in and see those white walls adorned with my very own art. I’ve been looking at it all for months now, but seeing it all lined up together looked beautiful. Looking at the wall was like a happy massage for your eyes. Everything was just so pretty! I truly love all the colors and imagery in my art.

lexisworks artworkThe show consisted of a total of 15 pieces of my art. Most of the pieces were new but there were a few from last summer and a couple from this winter. All of the big pieces were created specifically for this show.

I was excited to sell three pieces of art on opening night and I’m hoping a few more sell over the next coming weeks. I lost track of how many people told me how much they loved the piece “Thrive” so I wouldn’t be surprised if it finds a home soon. I especially hope more work sells because now I’ve got the itch to paint big.

I can’t believe I’m saying that: paint big. Those are 2 words I never would have uttered together before. I’ve never considered myself a painter, only dabbling a bit in high school, abandoning it for collage which came more naturally to me. And I certainly have been afraid of big white canvases. Which is why the canvas for “Be True” sat for 4 years before I painted on it.

I’m so thankful for all my friends that came out to support me and expressed how proud they were of my efforts. And of course, I’m crazy grateful for my husband’s support of my art career!





3 thoughts on “Gallery Show Round Up

  1. lovestayswithme says:

    This is SO EXCITING! I am so proud of you. I wish I could have made it to your show, I’ll be at the next one ;D

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