Five Things on the First: Countries

During the opening ceremony of the Olympics, I enjoyed shouting out the identities of many of the images that popped up on the screen as they introduced the United Kingdom: the Globe Theatre! Edinburgh castle! the White Cliffs of Dover!

For this month’s five things, I’m sharing countries I’ve traveled to, in order of their visit.


1. Japan- This is more of an accident than on purpose. We had a layover there when I was 3 years old. I don’t remember it but my mom told me everyone was staring at my blonde pig tails.

2. Mexico– Doesn’t almost everyone have this one on their list? We made a stop in Cozumel on a college cruise.

3. Scotland– and while I’m talking about Great Britain, England as well. Scotland was part of a school study abroad trip and England was my work abroad trip after graduation.

4. Netherlands-This was part of the same study abroad trip. There really wasn’t any studying just 5 weeks of sight seeing and then we created a book about our trip for our grade.

5. France, Italy & Spain- because this list is only five things, I’ve condensed the rest of my European sightseeing. I had the opportunity to travel on to Paris after my study abroad trip and spent 5 days with my aunt and uncle. Italy and Spain were visited after I was done working abroad on a trip with my mom.


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