The Truth about Summer Markets

I think next year I will rethink my craft market plan of attack and choose more sparingly. I have enjoyed doing markets this year and look forward to the many to come (the Horseshoe Market, Sundays on the Streets and Sweet William Market) But I also find that having to schedule out the entire summer is waring.

When friends ask to get together for dinner or a girls night, I offer a list of 3 possible dates over the next month. I’d like to have more spontaneity in my summer.

And there are the camping trips and the summer visit to Minnesota to schedule.

We came home a day early from our latest camping trip to Crested Butte and I am enjoying this free day. A day that I was not supposed to have at home. I’ve been trying to treat it as a vacation day, but here I am catching up on my blog.

One of the best things about the markets is meeting the people who buy my art, see them tear up when they read the quotes on my artwork and hearing their stories. When I sell in shops I miss all of this.

But selling at markets also requires a lot of time and effort. There is the packing before a show, then loading the car tetras style, the drive and then unload and set up. This summer has meant sitting in the heat and trying to stay cool. And after a long day, it’s back to packing up and loading the car.

And not every market has been worth it for me. Sharing a booth with {afd} this summer was a great move and we hit the market scene hard. It’s been a good learning experience on where it’s worthwhile to put our time and effort.


2 thoughts on “The Truth about Summer Markets

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh my love, I tell you the stories of those who buy your lovely art from Rejuvanest. They are special people who see the beauty, wisdom, whimsy and seriousness of your art. I’ll keep the stories coming! Looking forward to your trunk show with us on Sept. 20th! hugs, b

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