Some Permanence

I’ve been a bit absent lately.

The biggest reason is that I finally have a permanent job. At the end of May I started working part time for a local wine distribution company doing graphic design and marketing. I’m so grateful to finally have a stable income to balance the not so stable art income.

Working 3 days of week still allows me to have the time I’d like to devote to Lexisworks. It’s been an adjustment though, especially after having the entire month of May off. Throw in summer and the camping and markets, as well as a visit from my mom and show deadlines and the blog as dropped to the bottom of my list.

I finally started the large canvas that I bought on clearance 4 years ago

I wanted to stop in and share some pictures from the studio. I am hard at work creating art for my August First Friday gallery exhibit at Now ArtSpace on Tennyson Street in Denver. I’m really excited about this event, though started to feel a bit of the pressure of completing everything in the next 4 weeks.

The funny thing is the last time I was laid off, I had a show scheduled for the end of the summer and even though I had time while I wasn’t working, it wasn’t until I got a job that I finally started putting more time in!

a couple layers of paint

I’ve been going through Flora Bowely’s painting e-course again

Posting on the blog will probablly continue to be sporadic particularly through the month of July, if not into August as well. We will only be town 1 weekend in July and I will be at the Horseshoe Market that Saturday.

I try to stay up with my weekly studio photo over on facebook, so make sure to become a fan to see the latest.


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