Five Things on the First: Collections

I’ve been a collector for a long time. Today I’m sharing some of things I collected as a kid.

Childhood Collections:

1. I started collecting unsharpened pencils in elementary school. I still have about 30 of them.

2. In third grade, sticker trading was all the range. I had a collection in a photo album with those sticky pages. I coveted the fuzzy ones.

3. I saved most of my birthday cards from when I was a kid. They sit in a paper bag in a box now. I’m not sure what to do with them

4. In middle school, I was in full on obsession mode and printed out every internet image I could find of Hanson. Most of them are black and white. I glued them into a school notebook. I still have this notebook. There is a stack of Tiger Beat posters to go along with this notebook.

5. Speaking of obsessions, I also cut out the movie listings for Titanic from the newspaper and glued them in a separate notebook. This notebook also has internet clippings of Leo and Kate. I also still have this notebook.

What have you collected? Do you still have these collections? Are you adding to them or have you started new collections?


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