Make Your Heart Sing, An Artist’s Date

My mother-in-law gave me a gift card for Archiver’s for my birthday last Fall. I’m not a scrapbooker, but I love all of the fun papers and notions.

I went through the struggle that most of us go through when we get a gift card. Should I save this and buy something special, or just go and spend it on something I normally wouldn’t buy. After the gift card sat unused for several months I finally decided this week I would walk into the store and purchase whatever made my heart sing that day. I would not over think what I was purchasing.

I browsed through the store for an hour, considering this an “artist date” for myself.  I noticed I was drawn to a particular color palette that day: pink, teal and brown. It can be fun and insightful to let your eyes wander and to allow yourself to gravitate to what is calling you. Some of these things will end up in my art, certainly the tape and the letters, but sometimes I purchase papers just because I am inspired by the images or the color palette.

I counted and recounted the prices of the items I had picked out to make sure I was right in budget with my gift card and I walked out happy with my new papers, letters and washi tape.


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