Complete and in Progess

I’m a bit behind in sharing my photos of my Bloom True paintings.

Canvas #2 Layer 8.5

Last time I checked in on this, I was not happy with all the green “pot” leaves that had appeared. While working on a different project, I used my canvas to clean up my paint brush and painted a bunch of pale blue paint to neutralize the painting.

Canvas #2 Layer 9

Then I focused on the colors I liked and simplified it even more.

Canvas #2 Layer 10

Next I added some dripping paint and some darker tones to create contrast.

And my final bold move was to add circles! Over the entire painting. And I added some more detail with white.

Canvas #2 Layer 11-Final Layer

I actually finished this canvas at the end of March.  It’s been hanging in our living room and I’m very happy with it. This painting is a great example of intuition coming through. I’ve been drawing these flowers in some form since high school-that’s 10 years! Below is a drawing a did last summer in my sketchbook.

Canvas  #1 is another story.

It’s still a work in progress and has sat mostly untouched for over a month. I really love the green blue background areas and the vibrant colors. I added some white orbs but that only helped the background rather than the main image.

Canvas #1 Layer 9

I’ve just been living with it, waiting for something to come and feeling stuck. Flora’s voice is in my head reminding me “to do something!” Luckily her new book, Brave Intuitive Painting, arrived last week and I think it was just what I needed to get back to my painting flow.

I’ve been so afraid of ruining my painting and feeling so proud of how far it has come, but also not loving where it was at. There is a great line in Flora’s book that says “You  are the person behind the brush, so anything you’ve created, you can likely create again.” What a great way to remember not to hold your painting too precious. If I really don’t like where my painting goes, I took enough pictures I could certainly recreate it if I wanted.

Canvas #1 Layer 10

Besides painting over my awkward white orb, I made a baby step and drew in the outline of a new bird. I hope to spend some time painting soon and getting back to my intuition.


2 thoughts on “Complete and in Progess

    • lexisworks says:

      I would highly recommend Flora Bowley’s book/e-course for learning how to paint more intuitively and leaning into your intuition! I am still amazing at what I’ve been able to paint by letting go. Who knew!

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